On Repeat #18 – Kings of Leon cover Robyn


I love this cover song so so much. The original by Robyn is excellent but this version is so slow and dreamy. It’s a devastating heart breaker of a song and the lead singer’s rough voice and the sharp instrumentals just make it even more sorrowful yet still touching. I love when cover songs turn out just as good a version as the original. Enjoy!

On Repeat #17 – Lovelife


Moody, electronic pop. This band has some edgy sounds. Definitely a little emo but grown-up emo which is not a “thing” but it could be. Just listen to the first song below if you want something easier to digest.

I discovered Lovelife last summer but they’ve been MIA for a while now so I hope they’ll have some new tunes soon.

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On Repeat #16 – Years & Years


This British trio is making one of the most solid musical debuts I’ve ever had the pleasure to witness. Their EP Real has strong, yearning, soaring vocals courtesy of Olly Alexander’s falsetto and bass and synths from his band mates Mikey and Emre. The songs have this quiet undertone energy.

P.S. Their cover of Blu Catrell’s “Breathe” is amazing.

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On Repeat #15 – Beatenberg


the hanging gardens of beatenberg

I recently stumbled upon the music website Hillydilly which helped me discover a really awesome band from South Africa called Beatenberg. I had to listen to their featured album on Hillydilly at least twice before I really fell for it but now I can’t stop listening.

Taken from their website, Beatenberg is “Matthew Field, who also has a beautiful voice and plays the guitar, Ross Dorkin, who has beautiful hands that play the bass, and Robin Brink, who has a beautiful life-force and plays the drums like a nutcase.”

The boys have been playing music together since 2008 but The Hanging Gardens of Beatenberg is their first studio album. I like how South African online culture magazine, Platform calls their music “silky smooth and ultra cool pop.” That’s exactly right.

Their songs are sweet and a touch romantic. They’ve got groove but are still uplifting. My ears are perfectly content putting them on repeat. Their album hasn’t been internationally released yet but Hillydilly has seven songs of the album’s 16 and each one is awesome.

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On Repeat #14 – Pacific Air


In spring 2012, three days after putting their music on  Bandcamp, Pacific Air was getting calls from record labels. That should tell you something about how cool their sound is. The band is formed by brothers, Ryan and Taylor Lawhon (and two touring members on guitar and bass). I first saw them when they opened for Atlas Genius last summer. They really impressed me with the way they could energize the crowd and they remain one of the best opening bands I’ve ever heard.

Their 2013 debut album, Stop Talking, could be the soundtrack to your summer. It has just the right amount of fun, pop-y, smooth yet catchy sounds that make you put the album on repeat. Can you believe it that I can’t really pick a favorite? I recommend Float, Move, Play Nice and Duet in B Minor. Here’s the whole album. Perk your ears…



On Repeat #13 – Young the Giant


Most of you might know this band by now but if not here is a chance to get to know them. Their most popular tracks are “Cough Syrup” and “My Body” but recently I’ve really been digging “My Apartment”.

Their second album, released earlier this year, comes three years after their debut album. While most of their popular songs are from their first album, their sophomore one, Mind Over Matter, has a few gems of its own, like “Teachers” and “Eros”. Lead singer Sameer Gadhia’s voice is so gorgeous.

Fun fact: They used to be called The Jakes, back when they first started in 2004.

Young the Giant is currently on tour with Kings of Leon and they had to cancel the show I had tickets for because of an accident en route from Boston to New York. Bummer.