Meet a Stranger: Chelsea Wallace


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Chelsea is a writer! That’s exciting for a fellow writer/journalism student like me because she’s actually a success story. Through her blog you can get a taste of a writer’s life and how diverse it is. Chelsea always encourages discussions on her posts and writes with a positivity that I find inspiring, always finding the life lesson in everything whether it is about writing while depressed or how to tell people you’re (gasp) an English major. Her writing is honest and you can tell she writes to find herself while still managing to connect with others through her relatable posts. Give her a follow! I feel she’s going to have a great career.

Name: Chelsea Wallace

Who are you? Writer trying to navigate my first year post-grad, girl trying to think of herself as an “adult,” fan trying to survive the next seven months without “The Walking Dead.”

Three of your favorite things: Harry Potter, red beans and rice, and falling asleep during thunderstorms

What consumes your time? I work as an editorial assistant at a local lifestyle magazine, so anything from copyediting and research to prepping photo shoots and fetching mail. Lately, I’ve been able to do a lot of writing for upcoming issues, so I’m traveling around conducting interviews and brainstorming more story ideas so I can keep writing. Spare time consists of trying to stay in touch with my friends (the vast majority of whom live at least three hours away), editing my novels and trying to convince my boyfriend it’s time to adopt a dog.

If you had to choose your last meal, what would it be? All of the Raising Cane’s fried chicken I could stuff in my mouth. (I have celiac disease, meaning no gluten, which means no delicious tenders of fried amazingness for the last six years.)

What keeps you sane? My boyfriend and my job. In that order.

What’s your favorite memory? I have always been on the more reserved, quiet side. When I graduated high school (my all-girls, Catholic high school), I had my core group of friends but mostly assumed a lot of people had no idea who I was. As I watched all the other girls crossing the stage to cheers and hollers and clapping, I prepared myself for a small section from my family to cheer. But as they called my name and I walked across the platform, imagine my surprise as the noise from my classmates almost knocked me over. I heard people whistling and cheering and yelling, “You go, Chelsea!” That was the first time I realized I have much of an effect on anyone’s life at all, that just because I didn’t always interact directly with everyone every day, people knew who I was (at least vaguely) and appreciated me for who I was.

Do you have any idols or role models? Fictional: Luna Lovegood because of her willingness to be her genuine self, Buffy the vampire slayer for her inner strength and integrity, and Jane Eyre for always doing what’s right. Real: John Green because of his cheerful, philanthropic, encouraging nature; my writing professor from college for teaching me that criticism to my writing actually makes me better. It’s funny, I’ve never really thought about a lot of specific people I look up to: I appreciate loyalty, honesty, integrity, strength and logic, and when I see people in my life who exhibit any combination of these, I latch on and observe.

What’s on your bucket list? Taking a nice, long camping trip. And not, like, in an air-conditioned cabin in a campsite with a bunch of other campers who couldn’t beat the heat. I mean carrying everything on my back for weeks, finding my food and water in the wilderness, not seeing another human from beginning to end (except maybe my boyfriend, who’s a better hunter than I am). I mean not shaving, not organizing campsite activities: just existing. I want to get so tired I can’t move and get so deep in the woods that I can leave civilization behind for just a little bit and focus on what’s going on in my own head.

Your online homes: My blogs ( and, my portfolio (, my twitter (@cmw_writes), and my Instagram (@chelseasaysheyy).

A question from the previous featured blogger: Be honest. Are you truly happy with your life? If yes, why? If no, how can you change that? I’m at this weird point in my life where I look back to the person I was even just three years ago. I remember all the things that happened to her, what she thought and felt, but it doesn’t feel like something I went through. That Chelsea feels like she’s someone completely different, and not just in an “I’ve grown so much,” way, but a literal almost out-of-body-experience way. I would guess that three years from now, I’ll think the same thing of the person I am right now. I tend to always look to the future, no matter what point I’m standing in, which I think contributes to that feeling. Like I’m not truly experiencing what I’m going through, even though it feels like I am. Because I have so much in my life that makes me genuinely happy and content: a wonderful job doing exactly what I want to do, an amazing boyfriend (soon to be fiance) who understands me and likes me anyway, a beautiful home and great friends. And I love all of it. I am happy. I think I could be happier if I stopped thinking ahead, if instead of, “I have this great thing, now what’s next?” I thought, “Wow! I love this great thing I have, and I’m going to cherish it and relish it.”

A question you’d like to ask the next featured blogger: If you had unlimited resources (human support, finances, etc.), what non-profit would you create and why?

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Meet a Stranger: Jenay Ross


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Jenay Ross is basically a triple threat. She is a freelance writer, an artist management assistant at KMGMT and….an independent clothing brand owner/designer. And she’s only 22. On her blog you’ll find accounts of her travels, work and personal life as well as posts on music of which Jenay is a huge fan. Head on over to her blog for some new band recommendations. Oh, and don’t miss her posts recounting her time on Warped Tour this summer. She was a Digital Media Manager for the Keep A Breast Foundation‘s Traveling Education Booth. What a cool experience!

Name: Jenay Ross

Who are you? A writer, dedicated music fan, clothing brand owner and hopeful romantic who will encourage you to pursue what you love.

Three of your favorite things: Attending live music shows, genuinely laughing and eating chocolate treats.

What consumes your time? I work as an assistant for an artist management company. I help make bands’ lives easier so they can dedicate their time to their craft. Outside of work, I can be found at a show, maintaining a social life, blogging, working on my business, listening to music, reading books and articles and binge watching shows and movies on Netflix or Hulu.

If you had to choose your last meal, what would it be? Beef sukiyaki.

What keeps you sane? Music and knowing that I have some incredible people who support me.

What’s your favorite memory? Tough question. There’s no way I can choose a favorite. (i know, lame) But, I will say some of my favorite times of experiencing life happened in Hawaii in 2013 and this summer while on Warped Tour.

Do you have any idols or role models? I’m inspired by people who are ambitious, dedicated, humble and quirky. A lot of my role models have been people who have taken me under their wings by giving me a chance to learn from them. I’m terrible at choosing favorites.

What’s on your bucket list? Travel more. Buy a polaroid camera and film. Strengthen my graphic design skills. Break out of being shy. Decorate my future home in a way that makes Pinterest look shabby. Marry someone I can fall in love with every day. Oh, and meet Ryan Gosling.

Your online homes: My blog (, my Twitter and Instagram (@jenayross), my Tumblr ( and my clothing brand (

A question from the previous featured blogger: Who in the world would you most like to have dinner with, living or dead and why?
Joseph Gordon-Levitt because he’s intelligent, creative, humorous and completely adorable. Maybe he’s even a role model of mine.

A question you’d like to ask the next featured blogger: Be honest. Are you truly happy with your life? If yes, why? If no, how can you change that?

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Meet a Stranger: Stephanie Azzopardi


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Stephanie is here to help you…and herself. Her blog is a jackpot of inspiring and helpful posts and tips about the post-grad life. It’s tough out there, especially for a journalism graduate, but what Stephanie brings to the table is undeniable positivity and hopefulness. Follow along as she navigates the world of job-hunting in the modern age from dressing your way to employment to nailing a job interview.

Name: Stephanie Azzopardi

Who are you? Steph Azzopardi: an Australian wannabe journalist and blogger

Three of your favorite things: Breakfast, writing and Veronica Mars.

What consumes your time? Work takes up a lot of my time, I work in a factory full time whilst trying to get my first paid journalism job. When I’m not at work you can usually find me working on my blog, watching really trashy reality TV or reading magazines in the sun.

If you had to choose your last meal, what would it be? Pasta, and then as much ice cream as I could eat. If it’s my last meal I may as well eat all of the carbs and fat that I want.

What keeps you sane? Catching up with my friends. I’ve found that a good balance between work life and social life is key.

What’s your favorite memory? I have a lot of favourites, but coming from a perspective of my writing, my mum comes to mind. Every time I’ve achieved something in my life, from my first written story as a 6-year-old to my university graduation, she has always been there cheering me on. My favourite memories are of when I see that she is proud. I know that’s pretty corny but it’s true

Do you have any idols or role models?

Professionally, Lisa Wilkinson is my idol. She was the editor of Australian magazines, DOLLY at 21, CLEO at 25 and is a journalist that I really admire. I’m 23 so I’ve missed the boat a little to follow in her footsteps, however if I can achieve half of what she has in my career I will be happy.

In my day to day life I really admire my friends and family who have worked hard, sacrificed a lot and had to face a lot of challenges to achieve their goals. They push me to keep working hard at achieving mine.

Oh and when I was younger I kind of wanted to be JK Rowling when I grew up.

What’s on your bucket list? I want to write a book and travel the world.

Your online homes:

Poor Girl’s Modern Life, a blog about my journey as an unemployed journalist:

Twitter: @StephAzzopardi

A question from the previous featured blogger: How and why did you begin blogging? What aspect of blogging most appeals to you? 

I graduated from university last year and after 6 months of not being able to get a paid journalism job I decided I needed to do something. I wanted to start a blog to keep my writing skills sharp and to have an online presence that may attract potential employers. I also wanted to sharpen my job hunting skills as obviously mine were pretty lacklustre. That’s how the idea for Poor Girl’s Modern Life formed.

The thing that I like most about blogging is that my blog is completely my voice. It’s all me, all of my dorky jokes and ideas are on the screen, uncensored. For every other assignment or publication that I have written for I have had to write to a certain style and write about a certain topic. It’s very freeing to write whatever and however you like.

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Meet a Stranger: Emily Cardwell


Emily has “lived among the cornfields” in a small Midwestern town her entire life but now she’s a sophomore in college and through her blog she writes about the ups and downs of small town living, of being an English and History major, of having male relatives who don’t believe in feminism and one of my favorites, the ups and downs of running 😉

There’s something for everyone (even cat lovers!).

Name: Emily Cardwell

Who are you? I’m an introverted college student with a passion for the written word. I’m also a runner, a book-smeller, and of course, a blogger!

Three of your favorite things: Beaches, ice cream (particularly cookies ‘n’ cream), and books.

What consumes your time? Well, during the school year, I’m busy with homework and paper-writing (tons of paper-writing – I’m an English and history major). But this summer, I’ve been working, spending time with family and friends, reading all the Jane Austen and F. Scott Fitzgerald that I can, and (attempting) to do some writing of my own here and there.

If you had to choose your last meal, what would it be? Pierogies with lots of sour cream, broccoli (I really like broccoli, which is weird, apparently), and a giant tub of ice cream.

What keeps you sane? Lots of things, really. I tend to be a very anxious person, so I’ve developed all kinds of coping mechanisms. The three main ones are journaling, listening to music, and running. 

What’s your favorite memory? This one’s tricky, but I think this is one of them: It was the first week of college and I was walking back from class. My school has lots of trees and flowers so I was looking at those and soaking in the sunshine and all of a sudden, I thought, “I can’t imagine that I’ll ever be unhappy here.” Of course, my freshman year had just as many downs as ups, but whenever I’m feeling badly at school, I like to go back to that memory and tap into the joy I felt in that moment.

Do you have any idols or role models? I don’t think I have one person who’s constantly my role model, as we’re all human and we all make mistakes. But when I see someone do something admirable, I’ll take note of it and try to incorporate that spirit into my own life somehow.

What’s on your bucket list? I want to travel to Italy, write a book (or three), live in a city, find a career that I love, get a cat and dog named Sherlock and Watson, and have a family.

Your online homes: My blog ( and Twitter (follow me @cardwords)

A question from the previous featured blogger: If your personality was a country, what country would it be and why? Well, the only foreign country I’ve visited is Canada, so I don’t have personal experiences with many places outside the United States. But my friend and I are big fans of BBC’s Sherlock and we’ve decided that we’re basically Sherlock and Watson, so my personality might be described as British!

A question you’d like to ask the next featured blogger:  How and why did you begin blogging? What aspect of blogging most appeals to you?


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Meet a Stranger: Riahta


One thing I like about Riahta’s blog is that her posts are fun. She writes about everything – her life, music, opinions on social and cultural issues, inner musings, books and movies. Here are a few of my favorites: the ultimate study playlist, 10 childhood books you’ve probably forgotten about it, 10 foreign films that every film enthusiast should watch.

She also has a really cool series called “Getting Personal” where she finds unsigned singers/musicians/bands and interviews them on their creative process. There’s a new post every Friday so take a look because you might discover some good tunes.

Name: Riahta. I thought a pseudonym would make me unique, don’t ask.

Who are you? I’m a halfie: part Indonesian and part British. I drink a lot of tea. I dance with myself sometimes.

Three of your favorite things: Sleep. Any TV series with comedy and a terrible soapy dramatic plot line, you know, the stuff that makes you gasp. And tea, preferably Earl Grey.

What consumes your time? Right now, it would be Revenge. That television show has taken over my life. But other than that, I just moved house and I’m studying counseling and family therapy, but the dream is to get to Uni again to do English Lit.

If you had to choose your last meal, what would it be? An Indonesian dish my aunt makes: rendang with fried rice. Rendang is basically a spicy beef dish. So good.

What keeps you sane? Sanity is boring. But I do find splurging my money to fly to Bali lifts my depression. Try it sometime. Technology fasts are just awesome, no more baby shower pictures blocking up your news feed. Paradise.

What’s your favorite memory? I have lots and lots of blanks in my memory but it might have to be the time my Dad accepted my apology of ten years and now we’ve come such a long way.

Do you have any idols or role models? There’s no one I idolize really. I sometimes wish I could’ve met Audrey Hepburn, but that’s more of an obsession. God would have to be my biggest role model because He’s brought me so far. Oh, and maybe Lena Dunham, she’s cool.

What’s on your bucket list? Travel, just everywhere. Going on a safari. Publish a book. Make an album, even if it’s only for me and a few friends. Write my Mum’s memoir, because it’d be a doozy.

Your online homes: For my music and my blog

A question from the previous featured blogger: “If you were king/queen for a day – that’s an entire day – what pyjamas would you wear before going to sleep and leaving your kingdom behind? Silk. Everything. Silk shirt, silk bottoms, silk socks. Just silk.

A question you’d like to ask the next featured blogger:  If your personality was a country, what country would it be and why?


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