Big city Boston


My family and I took a quick trip to Boston over Memorial weekend. It was my first time there but it won’t be my last. Boston was…big and bustling. Boston makes Albany look like a village! I mean look!

Boston photography

We didn’t see too much because we were there for about two days but I loved everything I saw. So many places to eat…and walk to…and look up at.

Boston photography

My brother and I took a Duck Boat Tour where the tour bus rides through the streets of Boston and the guide explains all kinds of historical facts and stories THEN the bus goes into the river and turns into a “boat”. It wasn’t as cool as it sounds and the downtown part was more interesting than the view from the water. However, I can’t wait to go back. I felt good in Boston. I mean, I felt small and in awe but still good and excited to be in such a big city. I’m already planning a second trip. Boston and I have some connecting to do.

Boston photographyBoston photography Boston photography Boston photography

2 thoughts on “Big city Boston

  1. My best friend is studying there, and a lot of my other friends have been there as well. But none of them have actually made me WANT TO GO THERE. These pictures are beautiful! Boston is gorgeous, apparently. I always imagines this dull, concrete city that was inherently grey and lonely whenever I thought of Boston.

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    • Thank you so much!! I knew Boston would be nice but I’m sure that it’s actually even prettier than this. I just didn’t have the time to explore other parts. Glad these photos showed you a real piece of Boston 🙂

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