On Repeat #15 – Beatenberg


the hanging gardens of beatenberg

I recently stumbled upon the music website Hillydilly which helped me discover a really awesome band from South Africa called Beatenberg. I had to listen to their featured album on Hillydilly at least twice before I really fell for it but now I can’t stop listening.

Taken from their website, Beatenberg is “Matthew Field, who also has a beautiful voice and plays the guitar, Ross Dorkin, who has beautiful hands that play the bass, and Robin Brink, who has a beautiful life-force and plays the drums like a nutcase.”

The boys have been playing music together since 2008 but The Hanging Gardens of Beatenberg is their first studio album. I like how South African online culture magazine, Platform calls their music “silky smooth and ultra cool pop.” That’s exactly right.

Their songs are sweet and a touch romantic. They’ve got groove but are still uplifting. My ears are perfectly content putting them on repeat. Their album hasn’t been internationally released yet but Hillydilly has seven songs of the album’s 16 and each one is awesome.

Listen here >



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