The Internet As My Teacher, Part Two


I spend hours upon hours every day clicking through the digital world and I stumble on some great things almost daily.

What I’ve learned lately:

This is what a marble quarry looks like (whoa)

The really cool Home Food project in Italy gives you the authentic experience of an Italian dinner cooked at the house of a real “Italian mama”

These before-and-after photos show you exactly how much water the West has lost during the drought

King Zog of Albania is the only member of royalty to ever return fire during an assassination attempt – and reportedly he survived over 50 of them

Check out the website for this Brooklyn bar. Most simple design you’ll ever see.


3 thoughts on “The Internet As My Teacher, Part Two

  1. the before-and-after photos was interesting to look through. I had no idea things were that bad over there. And the website for the bar was so simple, I reloaded it because I thought it hadn’t loaded correctly. The first link didn’t work with me. I haven’t a clue why.


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