Senior status and blog changes

SUNY Albany campus

Photo by e.b

Sweet summer is over and it’s back to the grind. It’s only day three and my head is already spinning with all the readings and projects I have to work on for this semester. Although two of my classes require I keep a journalism related blog, I can already tell that this one will fall a little behind. Probably a lot. There no longer is a schedule, posts will come as they may. I have to focus on work that will actually give me a passing grade…just until this school thing is over 😉

I’m finally a senior and I’m as excited as I’m nervous to graduate. Although there is no doubt as to how excited I am to put an end to weekly readings, class presentations and finals weeks. Not like I will ever stop reading, writing and learning but the environment of a college setting is very stressful. In a few months, I’m glad to be rid of that…and dive into the other stress of job hunting 😛 It never stops, does it.

However, I’ll still be around and still reading all the posts that land in my Reader. I’ll be in touch! See you soon.


7 thoughts on “Senior status and blog changes

  1. Good luck! I start tomorrow and I’m pretty nervous. First year in a new major and university. And that seems like a cool place to hang. The picture, I mean. Well, the place /in/ the picture. (The picture of the place?)


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