The Internet As My Teacher, Part One


On most days I feel like I’m wasting my time online. Whether I’m reading yet another listicle (why is that even a word?), a news article or someone’s blog posts, I am spending (sometimes, wasting) valuable time. But one click leads to another, curiosity gets the better of me and most days I find myself reading about topics I never knew existed. That is one aspect in which the Internet is brilliant.

They don’t teach us a lot of things in school so with the help of the technology you are using right now as you read these words on this blog post, you can learn about anything, anytime, anywhere. Care to add to your knowledge? Do what we all do best and click away!

What I’ve learned lately:

What it means if a medicinal drug has orphan status

The Matamata turtle is a real thing

What a sommelier is

What a Monte Cristo sandwich consists of

The real story of the woman who sued McDonald’s over spilled hot coffee




4 thoughts on “The Internet As My Teacher, Part One

  1. Sometimes, after my boyfriend’s gone to bed, I just sit up all night googling things. Often they’re fascinating or depressing things, and they play on my mind for days and days afterwards. Like images of abandoned theme parks and the stories behind them, and the world’s most popular suicide spots. I can’t tell if that’s valuable knowledge gained or precious time wasted, but I do love finding out obscure things like that. 😀


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