On Repeat #10 – Grizfolk


Oh, Grizfolk. Their songs deserve a few spots on any road trip playlist. Their music makes me think of sunshine for some reason (ok, probably because of their cover album). If electronic pop met folk and then were introduced to a some Americana blues, then you’d realize what Grizfolk sounded like. But then again, nothing substitutes hearing it first hand so do yourself a favor and give them a listen. Hopefully, you can add a Grizfolk song or two to your summer soundtrack.

What’s crazy is that they only have one EP which was released in March 2014 and only has four songs (not including a remix). I first heard their song “Hymnals” on the free music website, Noisetrade (which is a really awesome way to get free, legal, music and discover some new bands). That was about a year ago and then one day last month I found out they were coming to my city so I immediately bought tickets. They were great live and the lead singer’s vocals are just as good as they are on the album. Also, check out their single “The Struggle“.


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