On Repeat #9 – Broods


Brood’s singer, 20-year-old Georgia, is like Lorde with her onstage movements…but way cooler. Whether she is jumping around, swaying with her eyes closed or winking and smiling at the audience, she captivates you with her performance and voice. Her 21-year-old brother, Caleb, plays keyboard, does production and sings backing vocals in this indie synth-pop band. The two are from New Zealand and are releasing their debut album this August.

When I saw them live last week, Georgia’s voice really impressed me. I kept thinking “Is there some special effects going on because her voice can’t be THAT good.” But it really is.

I can’t really pick a favorite song so here they are: Coattails, Never Gonna Change, Bridges

Their latest single, “Mother & Father” reminds me of a moodier, darker version of Paramore’s “Ain’t It Fun”. Something about young people and independence brings out some really interesting song lyrics…

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