Meet a Stranger: Nicole Mölders


Nicole’s blog tagline is one of the most straightforward I’ve read on WordPress: “This page features how to dress stylish in cold climate without freezing to hypothermia.” She took a  common topic (fashion) and found a niche. Instant expertise! What makes her an expert? Well, she’s been living in Alaska since 2001. While many people use winter as an excuse to wrap up in sweaters and scarfs, Nicole doesn’t neglect her personal style. Her blog is full of classy outfit ideas and cold-climate fashion tips. Her target audience is the 40+ crowd but hell, even I’m inspired. Here are some of my favorites: these awesome outfits.

All this AND she finds time to write science textbooks such as Lectures in Meteorology and Land-cover and Land-use Changes – Impact on Climate and Air Quality. The woman has many talents.

Fun fact: I found out Nicole is an alumni of my college! What a small world.

Name: My publishing name is Nicole Mölders, but my real American name is Carmen Nicole Moelders

Who are you?  I am a scientist, dancer, performer, book author, and a style blogger.

Three of your favorite things: My husband, his cat and my blog, if these are things – just kidding. Now let’s get serious. Science, dancing, and having dinner with my hubby.

What consumes your time? Other people? I am a strong believer that one has to do the most urgent/important things first and then fit the other things in between. It is like filling a jar. If you put in the sand first you cannot put in big stones anymore. The other way round, however, works and you can even add a glass of wine. 😉

If you had to choose your last meal, what would it be? The last thing standing definitively would be a glass of champagne.

What keeps you sane? The solitude of Alaska? The silence of fashion blogging? The blue of the sky, watching the space station passing over the horizon? Nice clothes? My closet? I think it is a whole bunch of things one is not even aware off.

What’s your favorite memory? There are three favorite memories. Number one, my wedding. Number two. immigrating to America starting the journey on Independence Day in Leipzig, Germany. Number three,  becoming an American in Anchorage, Alaska.

Do you have any idols or role models?  I think everybody has some role models. It starts out with  mom and dad when you are a child. My grandpa. I wanted to be so cool as he was, living in another country. He lived in Valencia, Spain. As a  nine or ten year old my fashion icons/idols were Jackie O., Fara Diba, Sophia Loren. Later in life I turned to Ali McGraw, Jane Birkin, Claudia Schier, Kate Moss, Heidi Klum, Victoria Beckham, just to name a few.  Other people I admire are all some sort of famous scientists like Marie Curie, Fermi, Einstein, Feyman. I actually admire their pushing science and knowledge forward by their doing cutting edge research.

What’s on your bucket list? It’s a secret. A new textbook that I coauthored with a colleague of mine will come on the market this summer. Then I will start a third one.

Your online homes:

A question from the previous featured blogger: “What is the main thing you dislike about the world, and how would you change it? (And are you trying to change it?)”  There are many ugly things people like you and me are not in control off. Therefore, they are not worth putting emotional energy of “disliking” on them. Things that I am in control off and that I dislike, I try to change to the better for everyone involved.

A question you’d like to ask the next featured blogger: Why do you think people live in Alaska?


If you’d like to be featured, shoot me an email at I’d love to hear from you!

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