10 Ways to Know You’re Dealing with a Foreigner


10. They’re either very early or very late for everything.

9. Their first, middle or last name will be hard to pronounce.

8. They probably don’t even have a middle name.

7. Too often you’ve heard them start sentences with “In my country….”

6. In conversation they sometimes drop in a foreign word but usually it’s either an exasperation or insult. Don’t ask them to translate, you won’t get an answer.

5. They always try and teach you words from their language because they love hearing you try to pronounce them.

4. Or they just love tricking you into saying silly inappropriate things.

3. When they pack lunches, you’re guaranteed to see a foreign dish. It’s either going to smell or look weird but don’t comment on it. Although if you try it, it’s probably going to be way better than your salad or leftovers.

2. You will never understand the culture of soccer the way they do. Or Eurovision for that matter.

1.  It’s hard to know where they’re from by just looking at them. That’s why “Guess Where I’m From” is their constant ice-breaker.

Am I right? Wrong? Let me know what you think! I’m European and all these pretty much apply.


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