2012: A Year in Live Music


2012 started my love affair with live music. And now let me catch up with what I plan to be an annual post on live music and the shows I’ve been lucky enough to attend.

February 29 – Langhorne Slim @ Valentine’s

I went to this show without knowing what to expect. I hadn’t even Googled this band but I wasn’t disappointed. Langhorne Slim puts on a fantastic show. His unique, raspy voice alone could hold me attentive. Genre: Alt-folk

May 3 – Frankie Rose @ Valentine’s

Her music is so cool. Genre: sort of synth-pop, a bit rock/pop and a touch of dream pop.

May 18 – Lucky Jukebox Brigade @ Valentine’s

They are an indie cabaret band. Lots of band members, lots of instruments. Fun songs.

June 2 – Man Man @ Valentine’s

They were loud and energetic and fun. Definitely music to rock out to.

July 13 – Donovan Frankenreiter @ Northern Lights

A friend introduced me to his music in high school and a handful of his songs have been on my playlist ever since. It was a pretty intimate show. Think of a hippy Jack Johnson (they’re actually good friends). Genre: Soft rock, surf rock

July 26 – Smash Mouth @ Times Union Center

I had to see this one, ok? I was never a fan of Smash Mouth. In fact, the only reason I know them is because of their cameo in Rat Race, a 2001 comedy (one of my all-time favorites). I went to this free show for one reason only: to hear them play “All Star” and I had to wait until the very end to hear it. I can’t say the whole thing was fun, as the crowd was filled with middle aged women and men who had some very odd dance moves and I really didn’t know a single other Smash Mouth song, but that ONE song was worth it, yes.

September 8 – Sharon van Etten @ RestFest

She blew me away. I sat front row on the floor of St. Joseph’s Church where Restoration Fest was taking place. I was mesmerized by the beautiful voice coming out of this petite woman.

September 15 – Jukebox the Ghost @ Larkfest

This band is…fun. I met the lead singer after their set because I simply HAD to tell him how much he looked like Bret McKenzie from Flight of the Conchords.

October 3 – Frankie Rose @ Valentine’s

Again! This time she played both of my favorite songs so it was even better than the first time I saw her.


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